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More Things To KnowUpdated 8 months ago

-WATCH THE DRONE U VIDEOS! (And instructions) No matter your skill level, Chuck has a unique take on drone shooting.

-NEVER fly your quadcopter out of sight. Quadcopter transmissions are not designed to be sent through walls, landscape barriers, or anything of that sort.

-The marketing and promotional video was done by professional filmers and editors. It does not necessarily reflect your video potential immediately after purchase - However, we have many tools to get you there! In order to get the same bright color out of every shot, you should edit your videos - either in our app or using a different software - computers do it best. New pilots are encouraged to use our smart flight modes such as Follow Me, Point of Interest, etc... in order to get professional video out of his/her new quadcopter.

-If you are going to set an auto fly mode such as dronie, or point of interest circle - make sure there is nothing in the way of the future track. If you set the quadcopter to circle you and it's an unflyable zone behind you - it will continue on route.

-As an unmanned aerial-craft pilot, you must abide by proper airspace laws in order to fly your drone. Why is this important? If you are shooting at an outdoor destination, park, etc.. helicopters, and even low dust planes sometimes fly in unexpectedly responding to a call in the area. When you take off your drone, our technology will warn you automatically if you are in an FAA regulated zone. If you are not specially permitted and logged, you SHOULD NOT fly in these marked zones. There are also other regulations, like national parks, or crowds. To learn more about this, or register a drone formally, read at https://www.faadrone.org/ .

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