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This section includes articles that will help you pick the perfect drone for you.

What devices are these drones compatible with?

All drones are compatible with pretty much every smartphone or tablet released after 2012-2013 and with access to Apple App Store or Google Play store. To check, download the corresponding drone app that you need to use on your device. If it download

Do EXO Drones Have Obstacle Avoidance?

Our X7 Ranger PLUS, Mini Pro (Obstacle Avoidance Version), and Blackhawk 2 & 3 models all offer obstacle avoidance technology!

Tips & Tricks for Obstacle Avoidance

Here are some tips and tricks for effectively using your drone's obstacle avoidance system:. Remember, obstacle avoidance systems are designed to aid, not replace, a pilot's judgment and responsibility. Always fly responsibly and within the regulatio

Which Drone Is the Best to Follow Me?

Honestly, our pro drone does it best. While the Ranger and Cinemaster both sport follow me mode, they're not nearly as advanced as our Blackhawk. If you don't plan on doing everything manually and want very reliable in-flight features, our Blackhawk

Are Your Drones Waterproof?

While our drones can withstand some light rain, fans on the exterior of the drone can expose moisture to the interior of the drone - you should avoid flying in the rain.

How do I assemble and disassemble my propellers?

Each blade is labeled with A or B on the interior side of the blade. The legs of the drone are also labeled with A or B, and it's shown near the tip, closer to the motor, on the top side of the leg. Just place propeller A with leg A and propeller B w