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Product Insurance PolicyUpdated a year ago

EXO Care products offer the purchaser protection in the form of a highly discounted replacement for your product in the event of accidental loss or damage during use. Pricing and details for EXO Care can be found on the checkout page. 

  1. Term Length: 1 year

  2. Conditions and Limitations:

    1. The following conditions apply to EXO Care products

      1. Limit 1 use per purchase

      2. Must be purchased in association with an insurable product

      3. Insurance product sales are eligible for refund for 15 days after your drone is delivered. 

      4. Must be purchased at most two days after the delivery date of the drone it is providing product insurance for. 

  1. Replacement of Damaged Items Process: 

    1. Issuance of replacement orders may be held temporarily until we can confirm the receipt of the returned damaged items and verify that they meet the damaged eligibility criteria.  Holding customer replacement orders helps us prevent fraudulent or unauthorized replacements and ensures a fair and secure replacement process.

To file a claim, please submit a form via https://exodrones.com/pages/use-exo-care 

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