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Everything you need to know about EXO DRONES


Where Will The Pro Explained Instruction Videos Be Sent?

The instructional videos will be sent to the email used at purchase. Please make sure the email address you use at purchase is where you would like to receive the instructional content.

Where Do I Go For Tech Support?

Click the widget in the bottom left corner of your screen to chat with one of our dedicated technical professionals.

Do I Need Permission to Fly This Drone Recreationally?

While you do not need a special license, you do need to register the drone with the FAA (in the United States). You can register here. Please also make sure you are in an allowable airspace when flying.

Do EXO Drones Have Obstacle Avoidance?

Our X7 Ranger PLUS, Mini Pro (Obstacle Avoidance Version), and Blackhawk 2 Pro models all offer obstacle avoidance technology!

Do These Drones Come With A Warranty?

STANDARD 6 MONTH MANUFACTURER WARRANTY. The manufacturer warrants this product of any defects in workmanship and materials, under normal residential use and conditions, for a period of six (6) months from the original invoice date. Any damages occurr

What Happens If The Drones Runs Out Of Battery Mid Air?

If the drone runs out of battery mid-air, it will initiate the landing procedure at a descent of ~1m/s. During that time, you will still have X axis control and can attempt to bring it back to you during the time it takes to land. We encourage you no

What App Do These Drones Run Off Of?

All apps are available on Apple or Google Play!

Can You Fly The Drone Without Wi-Fi?

Yes, the connection between your remote control, drone, and phone all run off their own signal (for all drones).

How Do I Update Firmware?

All updates for the drone will be done through their respective apps, make sure to keep it up to date.

Will I Receive Everything I Need To Fly Out Of The Box?

Yes! Everything you need to fly and film. Note - you are encouraged to charge it up fully before taking off.

How Do I Get My Videos Onto The Computer?

Simply plug in the MicroSD into the computer like a flash drive. Or, export it from your phone to the computer (lower resolution than an SD card). We strongly recommend using the SD card to transfer footage from the drone to your computer. Please not

How Do I Properly Mount The Propellers Onto The Motors?

To attach, push the rod of the leg into the propeller’s holes and twist to the right. Keep it pushed until fully twisted. After releasing, to test, pull up on the propeller after attachment, it should not move vertically at all. It’s extremely import

Are Your Drones Waterproof?

While our drones can withstand some light rain, fans on the exterior of the drone can expose moisture to the interior of the drone - you should avoid flying in the rain.

How Many Videos Can This Drone Take?

It can store as much as you'd like to your phone, and full storage depends on the size of your MicroSD card. We always recommend filming/shooting to a MicroSD for the best capture resolution. Computers are best for long term storage and management of

I Want A Drone To Follow-Me, Which Is Best?

Honestly, our pro drone does it best. While the Ranger and Cinemaster both sport follow me mode, they're not nearly as advanced as our Blackhawk. If you don't plan on doing everything manually and want very reliable in-flight features, our Blackhawk

How Do I Get My Drone To Connect?

The connection process is detailed in the step by step instruction videos you will receive post-purchase. Additionally, our user manuals walk through the connection process.